About the Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge collected from new developments, which funds facilities such as:
  • roads and transport
  • education
  • medical
  • sport, recreation and open spaces

The CIL applies to all proposals which add 100m2 of new floorspace or an extra dwelling. This includes bringing vacant building back into use. The amount to pay is the increase in floorspace (m2) multiplied by the rate in the CIL charging schedule.

Camden collects 2 types of Community Infrastructure Levy: the Mayoral CIL and the Camden CIL.

Enlarged maps of the zones: North West | Central and North | South (PDF)  

Further information: 

Make a Community Infrastructure Levy payment
Community Infrastructure Levy notices issued by Camden
Contact the Community Infrastructure Levy team

Visit our Section 106 spending and financial information web page to view our CIL and Section 106 annual reports and newsletter updates.

Spending the Camden Community Infrastructure Levy

The Camden CIL will be spent as follows:

  • 70% on strategic projects across Camden
  • 25% on local projects
  • 5% on administration costs

Strategic CIL

70% of Camden CIL will be spent on borough-wide infrastructure needed to support growth. Possible projects are detailed in our Strategic Funding list (PDF).

Our Medium Term Financial Strategy sets out that the focus of Strategic CIL spending until 2020 will be on schools and highways works.

Local CIL 

25% of the Camden CIL will be allocated locally by ward councillors. The spending process is guided by Local CIL Priority Lists for each ward which have been developed by members in consultation with local communities.

Map of agreed local CIL allocations

Further information:

Local CIL spending criteria (PDF) 
Local CIL available amounts for allocation by ward August 2019 (PDF)
Contact the Community Infrastructure Levy team for information on approved local CIL allocations